DopeVST Refund Policy

All sales on are final. The issue of a refund is always made at the discretion of the DopeVST Staff. All decisions made by the DopeVST Staff are final

DopeVST will refund your full purchase price on orders where:

Your bank / Paypal account was illegally charged (fraud)
The delivered physical product is damaged
The failure to deliver the product is caused solely by DopeVST.

DopeVST reserves the right to refuse refund if any of the following conditions is met:

The issued serial number has been issued, made available to the customer through the user account and used to authorize the software.
The original physical packaging has been removed or tampered with
The product has been physically damaged

DopeVST does not refund products, which:

Cannot be used by the customer due to hardware limitations
Cannot be used by the customer due to software limitations
Cannot be used by the customer due to insufficient knowledge / know-how

A refund is eligible for 60 days from the date of purchase (found in your Order Confirmation Email).

DopeVST strongly advises checking what software and/or hardware is required to use the products and what are the minimum hardware requirements to use the software. Such information is always provided on the product pages. DopeVST does not refund products which require other software to use (Digital Audio Workstation-specific libraries, Software Synth Preset Banks). The customer bears the responsibility to have knowledge required to use the product.

Contact our support staff at if you feel you qualify for a refund.