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DopeVST are delighted to announce a wonderful new range of MIDI packs dedicated to the modern and old school Hip Hop producer. If you want new MIDI patterns for Beat Machine 1 & 2, we got that covered. If you need jazzy chord progressions, dope basslines, super ill horn arrangements, we got that covered too. Experience the ease and versatility of MIDI files in your productions now!

Boom Bap Hip Hop MIDI Drum Patterns

 Boom Bap Classics – 100 MIDI Drum Patterns

For Beat Machine 1 & 2

We knew when we started to release MIDI packs, the first one had to be a real banger. So for the first time ever you have access to 100 classic Hip Hop drum patterns recreated from some of the greatest Boom Bap beats ever made, by some of the finest producers ever to live.

Included in this pack are drum patterns taken from legendary selling singles right through to underground classics and everything in between. Expect every variation you can imagine of the iconic Boom Bap beat including J Dilla type 60% swing patterns, straight up Premo style NY bangers and quirky RZA style breaks. Basically, if you make any type of Boom Bap, this pack is essential.

  • 100 Classic Hip Hop MIDI drum patterns
  • Perfectly recreated drum patterns of classic and underground Hip Hop beats
  • Inspired by DJ Premier, 9th Wonder, Alchemist, J Dilla, Madlib, Pete Rock and more
  • Compatible with any DAW or drum VST plug-in

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Boom Bap Classics Hip Hop MIDI Drum Patterns BoomBap Boom Bap Rap £10 | $12