Beat Machine 1 & 2 Expansion Packs – Out Now

We are delighted to announce the release our long awaited Beat Machine and Beat Machine 2 expansion packs. Each pack has a specific theme or vibe so you know exactly what to expect when you purchase each one. Our First pack “The Knock” is designed to make beats which slice through the mix and make your tracks thump, while our second and latest expansion “Live Elements” brings a huge selection of live drums kits that boost the presence and atmosphere of any beat.

  • 100 Fresh new kits In every expansion
  • 50 Stereo // 50 Multi-Out
  • Processed through a Manley Massive Passive EQ for the best possible sound
  • Re-sampled with an MPC3000 for that extra punch and warmth
  • Works with Beat Machine 1.3 only!