SOUL TOWN - Keys / Bass / Strings / Horns

SOUL TOWN – Keys / Bass / Strings / Horns
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Soul Town – VST/AU – Vintage Instruments

SOUL TOWN is an innovative, gorgeous sounding VST/AU plug-in for PC or MAC. This software has been specifically designed for producers who require that awesome Motown and 60’s Soul sound in one simple, easy to use plug-in.

SOUL TOWN includes twenty two classic instruments and FX such as the Fender Rhodes MKi & MKII, Hohner Clavinet and a selection of Bass and String patches which have been recorded, EQ’ed and mixed to match that legendary sound, giving you top quality 60’s vibes right out of the box.

The Sound of Soul & Motown

We believe there is nothing better than digging through the crates, pulling out the 12″ slab of black vinyl and then hunting for that sweet break or musical interlude. There does come a time though when you just need to add your own keys, bass, strings, horns etc but demand authentic sounding instruments that have that same vibe as the records you’ve been sampling. Soul Town provides those sounds!

Keyboards / E-Pianos

You cant even think about building a plug-in based on Soul and RnB music without including the legendary Fender Rhodes MKI & MKII and Hammond B3. These amazing instruments alone have pretty much been the foundation of many classic tracks ranging from the soothing jazzy Rhodes chord progressions, funky skanking to wild rocking Hammond solos and everything in between. These live recorded Soul Town instruments have up to 5 velocity layers giving you a greater range of dynamics and a truly realistic playing feel.

Detroit Soul Strings

When it comes to emulating huge orchestral strings, there are plenty of sample libraries that deal with that side of things, often aimed at producers looking for the  ‘Hollywood’ or ‘Cinematic’ type of sound. What isn’t so commonly addressed is the need for a smaller intimate string section suitable for Soul, Funk and Hip Hop productions, This is where our Detroit string patches come in. We have tried (and hopefully succeeded) to emulate the amazing string sections often heard on Motown tracks which are usually warm, intimate and incredibly soulful.

Classic Vintage Bass

No classic Soul or Motown track is without a smooth, melodic bassline usually driving the backbeat along in every bar, so it was important to us to create bass patches that really reflected the bass used in that era. Forget 808’s or ultra-deep subs, these patches are all based on real bass guitars used during that time so expect everything from the biting precision bass to the smoother jazz bass and a few others to fill that low end space.

Memphis Brass & Horns

The Memphis Horns are a horn section made famous by their many appearances on Stax Records and have been called “arguably the greatest soul horn section ever.” The Memphis Horns appeared on nearly every recording for Stax that included a horn section including tracks with Isaac Hayes, Otis Redding, The Doobie Brothers, Al Green, Elvis Presley, Sting and Peter Gabriel. We have included several horn patches that go some way towards emulating the truly great horn section of the 60’s and 70’s.

Vinyl & Tape FX

One of the real beautiful things about sampling from vinyl is that nice warm atmospheric ambience that just resonates through the needle and that includes all the surface imperfections, dust and mechanical noise from the turntable. For years vinyl freaks did all they could to minimize this noise but as times have gone on people have realised its these same imperfections that give Hip Hop that special character. Soul Town comes equipped with a virtual vinyl patch that contains nearly a hundred lengthy vinyl crackles, mechanical noises and tape hiss that adds atmosphere to any track.


  • 22 Legendary instruments including Rhodes MKI & MKII, B3, Strings, Horns, Bass and more.
  • 100 MIDI files included designed for all 20 instruments inc chord progression, solos and basslines.
  • Up to five velocity layers for greater dynamics and playing feel.
  • Built in flexible pitch, pan, glide and gain controls.
  • Includes a built in analogue style reverb.
  • Includes Poly, Mono and Legato modes.
  • Hi & Lo Pass Filter
  • Stereo output level meter.
  • Full ADSR & LFO controls
  • Ultra low CPU usage [perfect if you own a  laptop / tablet / low spec PC/MAC]
  • Ultra fast patch loading [flick through patches in lightening quick times]
  • Program your MIDI patterns manually or use a MIDI/USB controller/keyboard/MPD


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